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Towards the end of 2012 I began writing this blog initially as a way to think out loud. I found that once I put these thoughts down I had a better clarity on the concept. In the process it also generated some discussion and networking which made this even more valuable. The first few months had some marginal results in terms of readers as well as feedback, which is what I expected. Since I did this for my own purposes this was the least of my concerns and much like continual service improvements I decided to look at the long game and continue writing.
I had decided early on that in order for me to continue to post regularly that I would have to keep the content simple, short in length, (approximately 500 words) and not over think it too much. If the past had taught me anything was that the editorial process can be long and painful for someone who needs to be perfect. Getting a thought across was paramount and if someone wanted to dispute what I said or point out anything than that discussion would be worth the lack of editing. basically what I write is what I am thinking, for better or worse. A side effect of writing, I soon discivered, was that the more I wrote, the more ideas I had.
Like anything I needed to get some metrics on what I was doing to see where improvements could be made. I put together a simple infographic to illistrate what I discovered. As you will see below while this has been viewed in 129 countries, the large majority of readers are from the United States. The number are reflective of numbers of readers rather than proportional to population size. One might suggest that while the US had a lion share of readers thay also have 10 times
more people than Canada where I live, and might impact how this might look overall.
People will often ask me why I do this. My answer is that I enjoy sharing and discussing this content with anyone who will listen, and I look forward to continuing blogging and connecting with people.
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