Be a Better Strategic Partner

This week at the Pink Service management conference I have heard a similar sentiment around being a strategic partner with your clients rather than being someone who helps them get on their feet and moves on to the next piece of work.

What needs to be done is to leave the client, and in reality your customer, better than they were before you got there. Also you need to make sure that they are set up for long lasting success. Look at it in these terms; you can teach your child to ride a two wheeler for the first time, they will fall a couple of times but once you have shown them you don’t just walk away. You teach them how to protect themselves by wearing a helmet, the rules of the road and that you have to “watch out for the other guys on the pathways.
The same should be said for when you are helping your client achieve success through a service management implementation. Make sure they protect their assets though security, all of the policies and practices are governed and how that is done and managed and that they need to keep their eyes on the competition.
This is a short post, I know, but hey I’m in Vegas at Pink15, give me a break.


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