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I started my blog, The Service Management Journey initially as a way for me to get some ideas written down as well as a way to share some experiences I had within the service management community. Who would have thought I would have written 100 posts so far?


Since many of my posts revolve around reporting on what we have done and what we can do to improve I took a closer look at the high level metrics that I gathered over the course of 100 posts. Interestingly enough when you are in the midst of writing you really don’t think about the breadth of the subject matter so I took some time to break it down a little bit.


The top topics that were read and commented on were what I expected to see. While most of these revolve around larger subject matter these areas always seem to be of particular interest to practitioners in most geographic areas.


As I look back at the percentage of viewers from my analytics it showed that 55% of viewers each week were from the United States while my home country placed a distant third at 7%, while the UK was second at 19%.


As far as the content in the blog I really wasn’t all that surprised to see what the word cloud indicated. It will be interesting to see what differences or similarities show up from this year to next.


What did I learn from this exercise. I think to start with it will help me to not only tailor what content I am writing, but also what audience it reaches. I certainly will be keeping a closer eye on the statistics this year.


I look forward to writing 100 more posts and to connecting with you, the readers. Let me know if there is a particular topic you want to discuss.



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  1. Thanks for sharing the stats! As for topics I'd like to see, I'd include your experiences and insights around the Business Relationship Manager role.

    Thanks for your blog and for asking for topic suggestions!

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